Non Verbal Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Observation, Communication Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: September 2, 2012
In this essay I am going to write about Non-Verbal Communication or NVC, which I have learned in my class and combine it into my observation that I have observed in three different situations. I did my observation in café, cinema, and school. I also use all of the seven non-verbal communication characteristics into my observation, those are; body movement, physical appearance, touching, vocal qualities, proxemics, artifacts, and environment. My first observation was in Starbucks cafe, I took my observation there because I think it is good to watch the NVC of the people who spend their time in café. They all looked relax when they are chatting in café. All of them seemed to sit in relax situation to release their stress mind of working. Usually they come after their work or even when they are having their break time or lunch to get their mind fresh back. That is the body movement that I saw in the café. Moreover they also have to maintain their voice qualities when they were talking or laughing to each other as they cannot shout in the café or talk loudly for many other people visited the café. I also observed their artifacts, which how they looked and how their dressed. There were some people that were wearing casual clothes like jeans and T-shirts with sandals. They were usually college students who seemed to be doing their group assignment with their peers. There were also people who were wearing formal clothes with formal suits and shirts in it and also formal shoes. The ones that were using formal clothes were people who were having their lunch break of work. Moreover, the environment of the Starbucks café is quite good to relax and chat with others. The situation was comfortable; it was breezy outdoors for smoking customers while it was cool indoors with soothing music but the customers cannot smoke there. It was good to release their stress mind and also for drinking a cup of tea or coffee. For touching characteristic, I saw that they greeted each other by...
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