Health and Social Care Level 3

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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CU1530 – Assesment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 2.2, 3.1, 3.5, 4.1 and 4.3

Question 1

To gain knowledge
When something is required
When asking for help
To share their opinions
To portray their feelings
To build and maintain relationships

Question 2

Positive communication in work settings help build strong relationships, where people have a positive approach, work can be done more efficiently where information shared and ideas widely expressed. If a team is working well together and communicating well it will be beneficial to the service users as they get a higher standard of care.

Negative communication within a work setting can affect how a team deliver their services. Information is not shared correctly, problems that arise may be missed through lack of communication with colleagues. If a team is not communicating well, service users would not be getting the best service available.

Question 3

Body language
Active listening
Asking questions
Being non-judgemental

Question 4

People from different backgrounds use or interpret communication in different ways, some using slang. People from different areas and generations use words that we may not necessarily understand, words may have different meanings to what they actually are.

Sometimes people’s language may not be English or broken English and any form of communication including oral and written will be a barrier.

May be a different cultural background can be interpreted as English but presented in a different form, for example Jamaican patois can be very difficult to understand.

Question 5

Services that are available to enable communication effectively, interpreters may be required when there are language barriers. Someone that is hard of hearing may use hearing aids. A person that is blind may need to communicate through brail. Other effective ways of communicating is having access to telephones, email, text and postal services, so...
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