Nebosh National General Certificate 3 Practical Application

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Fire safety, Safety Pages: 10 (2876 words) Published: May 30, 2013
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Student number

Location: A Private Security Company Operating Base

Date of review:

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place

The following is a report on the health and safety inspection conducted at A Private Security Company Operating Base (PSCOB)

The PSCOB is located on a shared site in a remote location primarily administered by UK Government authorities that is positioned on a diplomatic site. Due to this, the PSCOB and all visitors and staff and contractors working within are subject to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent statutory regulations as if located in the UK.

PSCOB is located in a hostile environment. Emergency procedures for hostile actions are standardised throughout the diplomatic area. They are administered and implemented by UK Government authorities and therefore out of scope of this inspection.

The climate and environmental conditions are extremely hot and dusty in the summer and extremely cold and wet through the winter. With this in mind, PSCOB country management have made it policy that bi-annual health and safety inspections take place.

The PSCOB scope of inspection is the facilities used solely by PSCOB to prepare for and administer (including training) armed close-protection and body-guarding security operations. There are between 25 – 35 staff working within the PSCOB at any given time aged between 25 – 55 yrs. These include a Project Manager, Operations Manager and a number of Team Leaders. The remainder are security operators and both UK and locally employed support staff. There are no young persons, vulnerable persons or disabled persons working at PSCOB because of the dangers and environmental factors. All UK staff are former UK armed forces or UK police employees.

Facilities in sole use by PSCOB employees consist of firstly a deployment preparation area (DPA). This consists of a small ‘hangar’ type building for minor vehicle maintenance tasks, vehicle loading and equipment user-preparation. There is also a management/administrative office and a training room.

The inspection took place on 10/10/2012. The aim of this report is to highlight particular areas of good practice and areas of concern to be addressed as a matter of urgency or in the medium- to long-term.

Executive Summary

PSCOB has a positive attitude towards health and safety. It is evident throughout that health and safety is a very high priority. There are however a significant number of concerns and shortfalls which need to be addressed and acted upon in order to further improve risk control and eliminate or reduce hazards.

There are some areas where supervision of staff and management of hazards is lacking and could lead to serious injuries. This is evident with regards to the storage of PPE, lack of use of available lifting equipment and the prevention of accidents caused by slips, trips falls. Some risk assessments have not been completed and signs and notices do not reflect the duty of care owed to locally employed nationals

There are sufficient quantities of fire fighting equipment and fire drills and maintenance are well managed but some equipment has not been deployed effectively. There were also instances of very basic fire prevention measures not being adhered to – correct storage of flammable and easily combustible materials according to COSHH and fire prevention regulations is of utmost importance.

Poorly maintained equipment can ultimately result in reports and cases of ill-health and can lead to serious injury. This is a more important factor given the climate and environment. There were examples of poorly maintained equipment (not reported) and evidence that inspection, maintenance and examination records were not up to date or...
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