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Unit 15 Understanding health and safety in social care settings

Understand the different responsibility’s relating to health and safety in social care setting… Identify legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting The legislations that cover health and safety are health and safety at work act 1974 Management of health and safety act at work regulations 1999 Reporting of induries diseases and dangerous occourences regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 Explain how health and safety policies and procedures protect those in social care settings If the legislations wherent in place people would not be aware of the dangers around them. Which could lead to serious accidents or even death for example leaving medications out and not locked away securely the service users with dementia could take the medications without knowing what they where or thinking they where something else. Leaving hair products and body wash on show in bathrooms Dementia sufferers might think that it is a drink for them especially if the labels are not clear

Compare diffrences in the main health and safety responcibilitys of Social care workers
To report & maintain health and safety risks can be monitored continually and be amended as and when required The employer or manager
To maintain health and staftey checks and to adhere to the health and safety legislations Others in the social care setting
Catering staff are to maintain the health and safety legislation by ensuring no dangerous equipment has been kept out on show to service users for example sharp knives, Domestic staff to ensure that cleaning products are securely locked away also to ensure that beds are returned to the correct height so it remains safe to service users

1.4 identifies situations in which the responsibility for health and safety lies with the individual. When things are left lying around it’s up to the individual to make sure that they remove obstructions also if the individual hasn’t had the correct training they have the right to request and make sure that health and safety is maintained

1.5 Explain why specific tasks should only be carried out with special training? When manual handling& lifting boxes the person should have the adequate training to move the boxes safely otherwise they could end up injured

1.6 explain how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety To access more information regarding health and safety you can use the health and safety executives’ website that will provide you with all the information that you will need also there should be health and safety regulations posters around your work place with contact numbers for further information

Understand risk assessments and their importance in relation to health and safety 2.1 explain why it is important to asses health and safety risks To prevent induries or harm to an individuals that may visit, live or use the building

2.2 Explain the steps to carry out a risk assessment

Identify the hazards- walk around checking things that reasonably could cause harm ask employees if they have notices things that could cause halm

Decide who might be harmed and how – young workers, expectant mothers people with disabilitys, cleaners, visitors, contractors, maintenance workers, members of the public

Evaluate the risks and decide on precaution
To see if you can eliminate the hazard altoghether if not how to control the risks so harm is unlikely.

Record you findings and implement them
Record all the details such as you made sure the correct checks are made and that you asked who was affected how the risks were dealt with what precautions were where made and that you involved your staff in the process but keeping the documentation simple.

Review your assessment and update if nessasary
When new equipment becomes introduced to the building a new risk assessment needs to be carried out also when equipment serviced the risk...
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