National Integration and Cohesion

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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"The individual exists only relation to the group:
outside the group he is nothing
The wave exists only inside the river;
outside the river it is nothing"
(Allama Iqbal)
NAtional integration and cohesion means unity among the people of a nation.It's vital for the survival and genuine progress of a nation.without national integration and cohesion,a nation disunites and eventually losses its identity.No doubt,union is strength.Things and objects stay intact as long as they are integrated.THe weakest objects derive strength from their integration and cohesion.A particle of dust is nothing but the same particle can uproot trees,dismantle huge buildings,dash huge complexes,bash up huge cultural centres and smash anything when it is a part of a storm or typhoon.The individual is like a drop of water.The nation is like an ocean.The drop of water draws strength from the ocean.Similarly, the individual draws its strength from the nation or community of which he is a member.The national integration and cohesion do miracles as a wise man has rightly said: "Whan there is team work and cohesion wonderful things can be achieved" No struggle is successful without national integration and cohesion.When there is a sense of cleavage among the individuals of a nation,the nation falls apart.National integration and cohesion is an invaluable assest.It helps tha nations to gain freedom and strength,maintain honour,win victories,achieve progress and solve knotty problems.The creation of Pakistan is a clear proof of MUslim unity,integration and cohesion.Although the Muslims were too weak to face the British and Hindus,but their integration and cohesion gave them the chance to do so.As Friedrich schiller has righly said: "Even the weak become stronger when they are united"

Our religion,Islam,is a religion of unity,brotherhood,love,integration and cohesion.It condemns disunity among the...
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