Narrative Essay

Topics: Computer, Integrated circuit, Microprocessor Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 8, 2013
He looked at her and smiled meaningfully. There was something unpredictable laying behind the grin. In Anna’s eye beholder, Zahid was just an ordinary guy who wanted her to be his companion. Despite, Anna was the one who prefered to isolate herself from (the real world) rather than mingling up with the students in her school as she always being boycott by them. Therefore, Anna did not dare to take the risk of getting along with him. Anna never put the blame on others for not being warm towards her since everyone has their own right to choose the best thing in their life. Nevertheless, Anna’s intelligence and wild imagination had brought her to explore new things to disappear the loneliness endured by her.

The blazing tropical sun was shining through the cloudless sky. Anna was pondering while sitting on the bench located at the green compound of her house. Her attention then swiveled to a big black object under the shady rambutan tree. She made it to a point to huddle closer to take a look on it .A brilliant idea suddenly came across in her mind immediately after finding out the object is actually her father’s radio. She wasted no time in carrying the radio back to her room, her secret laboratory! She began to discover the entire part of the radio and its specialised function. Anna modified the radio conscientiously using all her expertise and skills. She struggled diligently day and night in order to fulfill her dream to transmit signal to the outer space using the radio as the last resort medium.

Not long after that, without Anna’s realization, there was something responded to the transmitted signal. The antenna of the radio emitted a red light informing that the signal sent had been replied. On one fateful night, the sky above was lit up by the glow of a myriad of twinkling stars. It was past midnight before she finally snuggled on her cozy bed. Of out sudden, two aliens walked out of a landed flying saucer just after the door automatically opened....
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