Narrative Essay

Topics: New York City, Coney Island, Plane Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 25, 2012
A Happy Ending
It was a hot, sticky day in New York city when we were headed to Coney Island to enjoy the beach. My friends Michaela, Taylor, Karlie and I were ecstatic everywhere we went; this being our first trip to New York. We arrived at Coney Island and immediately hustled to the beach like a swarm of bees. The water was nice and cool and there were seashells everywhere which we scavenged for to bring home. Swimming in the ocean was such a surreal feeling that engulfed all of us until we were too exhausted to continue. We decided to browse the shops on the pier for some keep-sakes or souvenirs to take home to our families and friends. After what seemed like hours we had gathered up all of the must-have trinkets and clothing and were headed back to our area to return to our hotel when we saw a little stand with mini cages on it. Curious, we made our way over to discover dozens of baby turtles, each in their own separate cage. Watching them with excitement, we decided to buy two of them and take them back to South Dakota with us, not thinking about the travel the little turtles would have to endure. We made it back to the hotel with our new little companions and immediately went up to our room, filled up our sink and let them swim around and play with each other. After a good hour of watching them swim around the sink, it was time to put them back in their cages and settle down for bed. Taylor’s mom, Traci told us that we should call the airport to assure we were allowed to bring the turtles on the plane with us. That phone call would change our plans drastically. A lady at the airport informed us that we were not allowed to bring the turtles on the plane with us because they considered it a health issue. We were devastated. It was as if someone ran over our family dog and we had no clue what was going to become of the little turtles once we had to leave. So the next day, we started coming up with plans. Our first plan was to smuggle the turtles onto the...
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