A Summary on a Land Turtle

Topics: Ant, Road, Fire ant Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 8, 2013

A land turtle navigates through a dry patch of ground toward a slanted highway embankment full of oat beards and foxtails. Resolute and unswerving, the turtle fights its way up the slope to the highway and begins to cross the hot pavement. A speeding car swerves onto the shoulder to avoid the turtle. Moments later, a truck purposefully clips the shell of the turtle, sending it spinning to the side of the highway, landing on its back. Eventually, the turtle rights itself, crawls down the embankment, and continues on its way. Chapter 3, pg. 17 A turtle slowly makes its way through the grass toward the highway. He doesn't really walk, but drags his shell along, neck out-stretched with humorous eyes looking ahead. The turtle drags himself up the steep embankment next to the highway and then is faced with a greater obstacle, the cement edge of the shoulder. With effort the turtle pulls himself over the ledge and then rests a moment. A red ant crawls into the turtle's shell and the turtle clamps its head and legs in, crushing the ant and capturing a wild oats sheaf.

After a moment, the turtle creeps out of its shell and resumes it's waddle across the highway. A sedan approaches and swerves to avoid the turtle. A truck approaches and swerves to hit the turtle. A wheel of the truck hits the turtle, flipping it onto the other side of the highway. The turtle lies upside down, tight within his shell for some time, but flips himself over eventually, dropping the wild oats' seeds into the earth. Dragging his shell along, the turtle continues his journey. The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 3 Summary

•This chapter is about a turtle, but not just any turtle – a really tough turtle. •Lots of things get in this turtle's way. For example a fire ant crawls into his shell (ouch). •Why did the turtle cross the road? To avoid the crazy drivers. One woman swerves out of the way in order not to hit our favorite turtle. Another driver intentionally tries to hit our turtle....
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