Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, College, Education Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Hy Phan
ENGL 1301

Strange Building
It was a beautiful day with many clouds that seemed to be dancing on the sky. I was standing still in front of a strange building. Suddenly everything became very special to me. I stepped back and thought about the time I was in high school. The memories came back very emotionally, I remember the good time I had in high school, I was now scared of moving away. Then I realized that I should leave what happened in the past behind, stepped forward, and opened widely the door of that strange building. I knew that there were a lot of new things to be discovered on the first day at college – Houston Community College. First, I was very excited about the new learning style in college. It’s totally different from high school. I can study whatever I like. In the new education requirement of HCC, I was required to take EDUC 1300 which is a new course to guide students to be successful in college. In this class, I got an opportunity to learn more and especially researching for many different majors. My classmates and I discussed a lot the information that we had gathered. Our professor gave us the chance to present in front of the class about our majors for the future. Additionally, the class became more interesting as we read each chapter in the textbook, I learned many helpful skills for my life such as critical thinking, time management, finance, and learning style.. These skills can help me a lot for myvery first steps in college life. Beside of good news, it is always a bad news. There were so many troubles on the first day at college. Everything began with Financial Aid problems, it took almost 3 days to completed all of documents in order of refunding process, even though I had applied for it in January 2012 . The cause was I forgot to turn in the tax transcript. Another thing made me very headache which was how to choose courses in order of transfer program. My major is Biomedical Engineer. I was advised to...
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