Narrative Essay

Topics: Flying Spaghetti Monster, Belief, Faith Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Outside Writing Assignment #1
Has the question, “ What do other people think of me?” ever crossed your mind before? It has crossed my mind before, which has led me to many questions. In this day and age people know how to handle a computer, I’d like to say I know more than your average bear. Many things are possible with a computer, like watching videos or listening to live streams. Every week or so a group of my friends speak about random topics, this particular week the gang decided to speak about religion. A topic I consider slightly taboo to discuss in large groups, a day I will never forget. Their conversation remained civil the entire time but there was one segment of this hour and a half long stream that stays imprinted in my mind. Not to mention this little picture that seemed to be staring me down. Atheist’s depicted as little devils reading Darwin by Christians, Atheists saw Christians as peanuts reading bibles. Was this how an Atheist saw me? Viewed as a nut running around with her bible, telling others to believe in what I believe in? Was this really possible? Of course it was and I was currently being confronted with the blatant truth. It wasn’t long into this stream that they began discussing who would be on the winning side of this debate. It was funny to see that someone thought there was a winning side to a religion debate. But it seems the icing on the cake was that Nicky Witts, also known as PhunkeyMonkeh, said that his side would be the winning side. If only all could have seen the excitement on my face when another person, whom I know quite well spoke. “ Im not going to force anyone to follow what I believe, but uh, when Im happy and your all just burning forever and ever just remember I put the invite out there.” Graham Midtdal, also known as Zidomide, seemed to have given Phunkey the perfect comeback to such a simpleminded comment. Having attended a Clergy school for a short time, Zido did know quite a lot more than your...
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