Narrative Essay

Topics: Barn, Farm, Pasture Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Experience is Life’s Ultimate Sculptor
The morning was young and the barn was alive. Horses were neighing, dogs were barking, the goat was bleating, and cats appeared out of every nook and cranny that you could see. All were awaiting their morning meals. I grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania. During the fourteen years of living in Pennsylvania, my experiences have taught me many important life skills and morals that will forever guide my life.

When people think of farms, people normally imagine cows roaming the fields, a farmer feeding the pigs and chickens, and the tractors sowing the field. I did not grow up on a traditional farm. The farm was not our source of income, but we loved it and took care of it. I lived on a fifty-acre farm with a large pasture where the horses would stretch out their necks towards the thick, juicy, dark red apples that were hanging so enticingly to their eyes. There was a big field full of wildflowers in the spring and a large pond where we spent so many of our summer memories. There was always something to do when I was young. The animals needed to be fed every day, their pens needed to be clean, grass needed mowed, the hay needed to be bailed, and the gardens needed to be cared for. Ever since I was young, my parents expected excellence. At the time, I did not enjoy the high standards they set for me, but I cannot thank them enough now. Ever since I was around five years old, we worked hard. We mulched the beds of roses every summer, stacked colossus piles of firewood, painted the barn, shoveled embankments of snow that covered the driveway every morning, baled the hay for the horses, and anything that was needed of my sisters and me. My childhood’s experiences taught me to be a diligent, grateful, persevering, responsible, kind, and hardworking. My experiences have affected me in such a way that I have hopes and dreams of providing my future family with a childhood that is just as good as mine was growing up. I...
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