Learning Team Charter Analysis

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 11 (3379 words) Published: June 3, 2011
Learning Team Charter Analysis

A learning team charter is one component that is necessary to manage a successful team. The charter contains information on all members of the team and their goals, a system for group communications, a system for settling disputes or conflict management, and the technologies that will be used to promote good communications among all team members. Creating a team charter allows all members of a team to list their individual skills and characteristics that can be collaboratively combined and analyzed as a group. This paper examines the results of Team A’s Charter. Group Communications

Communication can be described as the means by which individuals disperse and transmit meaning in an effort to generate mutual comprehension. This procedure necessitates an immense collection of proficiency in “intrapersonal” and “interpersonal” practicing, paying attention, scrutinizing, vocalizations, inquiry, evaluation, and assessments. Implementation of these practices can be transmitted to every aspect of life. Via communication, teamwork and collaboration are allowed to take place. If there is a singular uniting subject matter that traverses every field, it is the exchange and transmission of ideas in an informative manner. Communication is the interface to fundamental literacy and intellectual distinction. Communication is an important cornerstone of all groups, and often the variable, which determines their success or failure. Effective communications build trust, mutual respect, and facilitate learning. Although communication is frequently thought of in terms of written or oral dialogue, actions are also important forms of communication and indicate commitment to stated agreements (Department of Primary Industries, 2001). Because the opinions and thoughts of individuals vary, the connotations in individual and group communication can fluctuate. There is a fundamental importance to recognize this fact as it certainly has an effect on communications. If an individual communicates information to an individual or group, the receiver should be capable of understanding the information in the way the speaker intends to convey it. Group communication can be a difficult skill to learn due to the fact that there are numerous members, who may have differing views and opinions on the subject at hand. This should be taken into consideration and duly noted. There is always the chance of disagreements and therefore, the opinions of others should be taken in stride if they are not in agreement with the majority. In individual communications, the task of settling disagreements and making decisions becomes much easier because there are only two individuals involved thus making the process more straightforward and much simpler. Group communications have the capacity to offer a variety of ideas and collective knowledge to the issues at hand. Group communications can be used to solve problems and issues relating to various subjects in numerous ways because the combined efforts of those in the group. Individual communications are on a much more personal level and may be used to solve personal problems as opposed to community or business-related problems. Each type of communication involves specific skills that must be used effectively to transmit thoughts and ideas. Group communications entail the ability to successfully listen to all opinions while keeping order among group members. The avoidance of argumentative statements and actions should be high priority and necessitates a strong leader who can keep order to maintain a positive outlook among members. Individual communication should include the ability to understand verbal communication as well as nonverbal communication to successfully understand ideas exchanged between the sender and receiver. In general, the art of effective communication is a useful tool in solving and resolving important issues in both individual and...
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