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Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Research Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Greatest Invention of the Twentieth Century: Pros and Cons Can anyone imagine his life without internet? Nowadays, internet is the most important and effective way of communication. It is available for everyone at any time and place. It was invented for military purposes in1969. However, at this time it constitutes a vital necessity without which many of our activities seem impossible. This precious invention has been changing the face of the world in different domains: communication between people, business and scientific researches. The internet offers the possibility of communication between people from all over the world. This magical invention has been reducing the distances between all the countries, which allows different cultures and civilizations to mingle, and thus the world becomes one global village. On the other hand, the internet has many drawbacks that affect social life and the power of society. All relationships or friendships are built on interne are fake and deprived of the real human senses. Moreover, this mix of cultures may destroy the ethics and the traditions of society. Thus, internet has the power to perform a rational change in a society. This, fundamental role of the internet might be a peak for some people and a valley for others. The internet also plays an imperative role in the business and publicity world. It can help companies promote their products or services because the majority of people use internet. In addition, it facilitates the commercial activities and it economizes time. The internet user should be always prudent because some announcements are snares. Therefore, internet has a paramount role in the business life. We cannot forget the leading role of the internet in the scientific researches. It is a gigantic source of information that helps researchers find information in few seconds instead of searching in many books for weeks or even months. The smart researcher should know how to choose the best sites because...
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