Narnia - the Magicians Nephew

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Chapter 1

Who are the main characters introduced in Chap. 1?
The main characters introduced in Ch. 1 are Digory and Polly. How do they meet?
They meet when Digory climbs into Polly’s yard.
Why has the boy been crying?
The boy has been crying because he lives with his mysterious aunt and uncle and his mother is about to die.  What is the setting (where does the story take place, and what time of year is it)?

The story takes place in London during the summer.

How does the weather affect the adventure?

The weather affects the adventure because they are forced to play inside because of what a wet summer it was. 

What did the girl discover in the box-room (storage room) in the attic? What use did she make of her discovery?

Polly discovered a tunnel leading to all the other houses in the storage room. She makes use of the discovery by attempting to sneak into a supposedly abandoned house.

Chapter 2

What do the children learn about Uncle Andrew in Chap. 2?

In Chapter 2, the children learn that Uncle Andrew has been preforming secret experiments in his attic.

What kind of a person is he?
He is a magician, and very cruel and deceptive to his experiment subjects (Polly and an unspecified number of Guinea pigs).

How would you describe his character?
He doesn’t have a very good character.
Chapter 3

How is the Wood between the Worlds like the tunnel in the attic?

The Wood between the Worlds is like the tunnel in the attic because you can access multiple places from that one place.

The similarity between the two places gives the boy a wild idea. What is it? The similarity between the 2 places gives Digory the wild idea of jumping into other pools and exploring other worlds.

Chapter 4

What is Digory tempted to do in Chap. 4?

In Chapter 4, Digory is tempted to ring the bell.

Why does he do it?

He does this because he is struck with curiosity about what would happen.

Does it seem like magic forced him to do it?
Magic didn’t force him to do it, but nobody wants to be driven mad. 

Are there reasons why he should (or shouldn’t) have done what he did? I wouldn’t want him to be driven mad, but I wouldn’t want the danger on my tail either, so I don’t know whether he should or shouldn’t have done it.

Chapter 5

What do the children learn about Queen Jadis in Chap. 5?

The children learn that Queen Jadis is a cruel woman willing to destroy an unlimited amount of innocent people to get what she wants.

Would you describe her character?

If she has any character at all, it’s negative character, if there is such a thing. 

Do you see any similarities between her and Uncle Andrew?

Neither Jadis or Uncle Andrew has much character or respect for innocent beings.

Why does Jadis want to go to the children’s world?
Jadis wants to go to the children’s world so that she can conquer it. 

What is it that catches her interest, causing a "hungry and greedy look" on her face?

The thing that catches her interest is that the children describe it as younger than Charn.

Chapter 6

In Chap. 6, how does Queen Jadis seem to think about Uncle Andrew?

In Chapter 6, Jadis seems to think of Uncle Andrew as a “wandering magician”.

How does she treat him?

She treats him like a slave.

What does that show us about Jadis?
This shows us that she thinks very highly of herself.

What new word does Lewis use to describe her?
Lewis uses the word ’Fierce’ to describe her.

What more do we learn about Uncle Andrew in this chapter?
In this chapter, we learn that Uncle Andrew gets very distorted under the influence of alcohol.

Why had be become a magician?

He had become a magician because he was mystified by the box that his godmother gave him.

Chapter 7

In Chap. 7, why is Digory so interested in the lady who brings some grapes for his mother? In Chapter 7, Digory is interested in the grapes that were brought for his mother...
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