An Occurrence at Owl Creek

Topics: Perception, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Sense Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: May 16, 2013
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce

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1. As the story opens up what is happening to Peyton Farquhar? Peyton Farquhar stands upon a railroad bridge with a rope around his neck ready to be executed. 2. Describe the setting. Where is taking place? What are the weather conditions? What is the time of day? a. The story is taking place in a railroad bridge called Owl Creek, in northern Alabama during the Civil War. b. The time of day was early in the morning. “The water, touched to gold by the early sun.” c. A sunny day in spring, “his eyes were blinded by sunlight.” “The trees upon the bank were giant garden plants; he noted a definite order in their arrangement, inhaled the fragrance of their blooms.” 3. What is the physical description of Farquhar?

He was apparently about thirty-five years old. He was well dressed and neat. He was tall; his eyes were large and dark gray with a kindly expression. 4. What were his thoughts as he was standing on the plank? Peyton Farquhar’s thoughts were about his wife and children. He also thought about his escape. 5. What did he do for a living?

He was a planter.
6. What did the spy ask him to do? Why did he do it?
The spy had double intention because he warned Farquhar about the commandant order, which was to hung any civilian who wanted interfere with the railroad and bridge construction, but at the same time the spy told Farquhar how to burn the bridge. The spy suggested Farquhar to stay home, but on the other hand, he tempted Farquhar to topple the construction. Farquhar ignored the warning. He went to spy the construction because he saw the opportunity to show others that even though he could not fight in the war, he was willing to do anything to defend the Southern cause. This was his chance to gain recognition and honor. 7. What happened when the rope snapped?

He had fallen into the stream. He freed his hands, removed the noose from his neck, and swam for...
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