Major Works Data Sheet: the Awakening by Kate Chopin

Topics: Woman, Sociology, The Awakening Pages: 9 (1437 words) Published: February 12, 2013
IB English HL

Major Works Data Sheet:

The Awakening

| | |Author: Kate Chopin Year of publication: 1899 | | | | | |What are the time and place(s) in which story is set? What is the setting’s significance? | | | |The Awakening is set in the year which it was written (1898/9) | |During this time the Industrial Revolution was commencing | |Women/Feminist Movements were beginning to emerge as they fought for social and political equality (status, rights, and opportunities). | |Edna, our protagonist is on a journey to find herself during these chaotic movements and seems to be on the more liberal side. | |There was much resistance to this type of movement to change as many Americans were stuck falling on traditional and patriarchal systems. | |Novel begins on getaway island, Grand Isle, for the aristocratic Creoles from New Orleans, Louisiana. (Island surrounded by water, separate | |from the conventional/mainstream society by water) | |This represents being physically away from the conventions and constrictions of daily routine and a systemized and hierarchical society. Edna | |is also mentally distant. | |The nonchalant and un-scheduled days provide the characters time for personal reflection, lighthearted activities (swimming/bathing) and | |possible Awakening. | |The story changes setting and moves to the conventional setting of New Orleans, Louisiana. Edna is once again constricted by societal demands.| | | |Summarize key events within this novel—what are the key episodes that create the arc of the story? | | | |Introduction of Mr. Pontellier and wife’s (bathing/swimming with Robert Lebrun) relationship (pg 4-7). Leonce had freedom to do as he pleases | |without his wife questioning him. (Patriarchal society) | |Edna realizing her position in the universe as a human being (pg 16) “the benning of her Awakening) | |Adele realizes the relationship brewing between Edna and Robert and asks him to let her alone as she is not one of them or like them. | |Different type of woman. | |Night of the families, Edna feels in isolation, retreats to her cottage to hear Reiz play, artistically, the piano. The music serves as | |inspiration for Edna...
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