Mystery Shopper Mini Case

Topics: Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Skin care, Human skin color Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Mini Case 1—Mystery Shopper
It was a chilly night with showery rain at September 15th, 2011, Thursday. I went to Lush, which located in the second floor of Cherry Creek shopping center,with two of my friends, Jelly and Sammie. We entered Lush at about 8:20 pm(Cherry Creek shopping center close at 9pm on Thursday). We wanted nothing particular, a Beauty Assistant recommended us several products and showed us how those products work. In the end, Jelly bought a jar of facial mask, a jar of clay facial cleanser and I bought a lip balm.

Lush is a cosmetics company that provides fresh and handmade skin care products to customers. The features of its business make Lush a product-oriented company. However, except product research, I decided to conduct a promotion research to give some insights about how BA's sell technique could affect customer's buyer behavior. And also, I would like to observe how to adjust promotion methods in order to achieve better service.

What method I have used and why:
I conducted my research using Contrived observation as a mystery shopper. I chose this method because personal experience as a real consumer is more straightforward. First hand data could help me better in making a wise business decision from a consumer’s stand point. Although, this observation cannot give me a rank about what product consumer like better as a survey do. I still believed that contrived observation is more accord with my objectives. What I have found:

Nice store design and warm greeting: Lush store is bright and colorful with well-organized products and sweet smell in it. It's best seller—Dream Cream-- was displayed in front of the store. A beauty assistant(BA) greeted us as soon as we entered the store. Though it was late at night, she still looked energetic and has a big smile on her face. Professional recommendations: The BA recommended us the Dream Cream, showed us how the Bath melt, Emotibomb, Lip scrub, Cay facial...
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