Promotional Decisions

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Promotional Decisions in Marketing
Nadine Mwihaki Maina
Principles of Marketing
Mr. Kiarie

1.1Definition of promotion
1.2Reasons for promotion
1.3Elements of Promotion
1.4Promotion Strategy
2.1.Definition of advertising
2.2.Tools used in advertising(Seven steps of advertising)
2.3.Types of advertising
2.4.Reasons for advertising
3.1.Definition of public relations
3.2.How public relations and marketing are related
3.3.How to use public relations as a promotion decision/effort 3.4.Advantages of Public Relations as a promotion tool
4.1.Definition and Role of Salesperson
4.2.Steps of Personal Selling
5.1.Publicity defined
5.2.Difference between publicity and public relations
5.3.Example of a Publicity Stunt
6.4.Free sampling

It is a form of communication; hence it means a source sending a message to a receiver using some form of medium. According to Daniel Yadin, in ‘The International Dictionary of Marketing’, promotion is advertising and other forms of sales presentation, designed to encourage “fast consumer or trade up-take of a product or service,” (2002, p.310). To run a good promotion one needs techniques and tools. According to Yadin these techniques, tools, activities mixed to meet the needs of individual marketing campaigns, is called the promotion mix (Yadin, 2002, p.311). The promotion mix can include advertising, public relations, e-commerce, packaging, promotional give aways' among others. This paper will look at some elements found in the promotion mix. 1.2Reasons for Promotion

There are three major reasons or aims for promoting a product or a service. These reasons are: •To inform
To persuade
To remind
To Inform: Peter Bennet in his book “Marketing” says that marketers usually promote so as to inform people of new products or services. Not only does promotion inform consumers of new products but it can also give further information on existing products. This information might include: availability of the product or service, features, name, functions or needs that the product can satisfy (1988, p.511). To Persuade: Bennet also says the aim of promotion is to persuade potential consumers. Persuasion is the act of consciously prompting someone to move towards a certain attitude or action. Most advertisers and salespersons are also or required to be good persuaders, so as to sell the products or services to potential customers (1988, p.512). To Remind: In Bennet’s words, “the third aim of promotion is to remind consumers that a product is still available. Reminder promotion is often used for products in the latter stages of their life cycles to offset competition from newer products,” (1988, p.512). 1.3Elements of Promotion

Charles M. Futrell in his book ‘Fundamentals of Selling: Customers for Life’ explains the four basic parts of a firm’s promotional effort. •Personal selling: This is the personal communication of information to persuade a prospective customer to buy something, be it a good, service or idea, that satisfies an individual’s needs. •Advertising: This is none-personal communication of information paid for by an identified sponsor such as an individual or an organization. Advertising can be done through different media such as television, radio or print (newspapers/ magazines). •Publicity: This is also a none-personal communication of information that is not paid for by an individual or an organization. The information can also appear in various forms of media such as radio or television. •Sales promotion: It involves activities or materials used to create sales for goods or services. There are two types of sales promotion, which is consumer and trade sales promotion...
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