Ch. 12 Mini Case

Topics: Sales, Consultative selling, Marketing Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: October 7, 2010
The training type I recommend that House Handy should provide to new members if they want the new salespeople to be successful is to start them out on the internet and with a CD-ROM. On page 348 in the book titled Relationship selling it states, “Most companies use a mix of training methods, including on-the-job training, classroom training, and role playing.” With that said I believe they will benefit more out of having a combination of all three. The training will differ from that of experienced reps because they will understand many aspects of the job. Their training should consist of learning new information about the company’s products or competitors. Practicing specific selling skills can also enhance their performance. “Experienced salespeople are often aware of their training needs and proactive in requesting additional training” (Johnston Mark 335-(6)). Training for new salespeople will be broader and on the contrary experienced sales reps training will be slightly more specific on the companies needs.

House Handy could provided its sales force with ongoing training by fitting the students with the proper program to do so rather than expecting students to rigidly follow the party line. This makes a lot more work for the trainers, but in doing so, they are modeling how sales people should fit their approach to their customers, and not expecting customers to change their buying process to fit the sales person’s process. Methods of training should be one bite at a time and make sure to follow up with the students afterwards. There should be a target set for sales, an action plan for using new processes, post-sales-session evaluation and reflection, and most importantly revision of action plan. Since ultimately are audience is a group or a team, on-the-job training will make the most sense. Morale, productivity, and professionalism will be high if House Handy can employ a sound OJT program. An analysis of the major job requirements and related...
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