Hrm 531 Carrier Development Plan

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HRM 531 week 3

Carrier Development Plan Sales Department

Michael White


22 November 2010
Juliana Hass

The major component of building an effective sales team is the training and mentoring used in the successful development of a highly motivated sales team. Creating the right combination of each program will provide a guide and path for each member of the team to reach his or her goals and allows the sales department to succeed in meeting or surpassing the team and organizational goals. Several steps must occur to reach this goal. First we must identify and define the training and mentoring needs of the sales department. Next the performance standard is developed for each position and the development of the method as to how the training is presented to the sales staff. With a diverse sales team it is important to choose a delivery that will be appropriate for all members. The final step will be the development and deployment of an effective evaluation and feedback system that monitors the progress of each team member. During the entire process there will be opportunities that will surface that will identify areas of improvement.

New training and mentoring needs

With a team of diverse knowledge, and a combination of both InterClean and EnviroTech personnel and InterClean’s new plans to pursue a broader customer base, successful use of effective training and mentoring plans will be vital. Training will benefit the employee and the company if properly performed using the correct method and aptitude level. With the completion of a business needs analysis and a job analysis, the training needs will be easy to identify and a training and mentoring program can easily be developed. The benefit to performing this analysis is it will help the organization ensure that the developed training program will be relevant to the job tasks and effect to the employee.

The entire new team will need to go through customer service training. This training will enable them to deal with different types of customers with a diverse background because of InterClean’s new plans to pursue a broader customer base. Every team member brings working experience in this industry in different capacities to the team, but he or she have not worked together as team. This brings about another type of training, team building skills and interpersonal relationship skills will be required for the sales department. The goal is for them to work together as a group and delineate their strengths and weaknesses to achieve harmony and work as a team.

Training and Mentoring program content and objectives

The following training items will be covered in the training program for the sales department at InterClean: customer relations, familiar with company products InterClean and EnviroTech, closing the sale, service after the sale, and customer complaint resolution.

Following objectives must be met in the training and mentoring program. • Develop and provide multidisciplinary sales training programs tailored to meet the individual needs of each sales representative. • Improve customer relations by establishing rapport and develop better listening skills to connect with customers. • Representatives should gain new knowledge about how to prospect effectively for new clients and deal with overcoming objections. • Develop an extensive knowledge and maintain confidence in the products and services sold by InterClean and EnviroTech. • Master follow-up skills and methods.

• Demonstrate proper customer complaint handling resolution.

Performance standards

• Achieves assigned sales goals for his or her assigned area of responsibility, by identifying the needs of the customer, overcoming customer objections, and closing the sale. • Salesperson will develop new customer accounts for his or her area of responsibility. • Achieve less than 5% credits and adjustments.

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