My Summer Training at Milan Granite

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The Summer Training for a management student plays an important role to develop and groom his personality. It is a golden opportunity for her to give the theoretical concepts a practical shape in the field of application. It gives him an idea of dynamic and versatile professional world as well as an exposure to the intricacies and complexities of corporate world.

Differences in the academic life and practical life are revealed when we enter the real life and competitive world of industries where there is cut throat competition. In order to exist in the competitive world one has to be fully aware of all the aspects of industrial life.

My summer training for 45 days at Milan granite was an eye opening experience for me. During the course of my training I have learnt to correlate the practical problems and situations to the possible theory knowledge. It is a proven fact that bookish knowledge is not sufficient because the thing is not ideal in practical field as they should be.

Now I can say one thing for sure that the best way to learn is at work. It was a real interesting experience and I enjoyed every part of training.


I express my sincere thanks to Mr. Dhawal Bhatt and Dr. Anil Bhatt for guiding me in doing this project.

I also express thanks to Almighty God and my parents Mr. Dilkush Talesara, Mrs. Madhu Talesara for giving me full support with their blessings.

I thank Mr. Mangal Kumar Jain for providing me an opportunity for completing my training in Mr. Manish Dakhad ( Assisent ) for involving me in day-to-day work at the office, which gave me an insight to the actual environment in the office and giving me his valuable time out of his busy schedule and guidance in my project. It was very kind of him to constantly encourage me during my training at the marble granite and to allow me to share some of his work which indeed enhanced my knowledge about the working of the department, ways in which things are planned and most of all the execution that follows.

Thanks to all other team members of sellings department and my co-trainees for their immense cooperation. Last but not least I would like to thank all the respondents for giving their precious time and relevant information and experience, I required, without which the Project would have been incomplete.

Lastly I want to thank my typist for printing my report on time.


1. Introduction to marble granite.
2. Research Methodology.
* Primary Data.
* Secondary Data.
* Research Methodology.
3. Detail Study of marketing of granite.
4. Data Interpretation.
5. Problems and their suggestions.
6. Conclusion.
7. Bibliography.

UNIT – 1


Marble and Granite are an integral part of India’s natural wealth. Indian granite has been acclaimed all over the world for its rich and vibrant colour, durability and everlasting polish. Among the marble of the world the Indian serpentine a rare stunningly beautiful green marble is being increasingly sought after by the most discerning users all over the worked. India has perhaps one of the best green marble in the world. The green marble, which is rare to find in other marble producing countries of the world, has become the argots exportable marble form the country.

History of marble is very old. It is from the time of Mughal and British empires when the marvelous architectures of the country namely, the Taj Mahal at Agra Victoria memorial at Kolkata, famous temples at Delwara and Ranakpur, these are testimonials of ancient marble industry in India.

Rajasthan has been famous for its marble deposits. Which have been worked for centuries Rajasthan accounts for 95% of the marble produced in the country and it accounts for nearly 1200 million times at different varieties of marble.

Currently marble and granite are used worldwide...
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