My Quality Word

Topics: Need, Want, Choice theory Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 23, 2013
My Quality World

My quality world is something many people dream about of what they expect achieve in life. Many people keep trying ,but never get to the point in life where they actually want to be.They just settle for anything else easy even though it is not really where they want to be in life at all.As William Glasser said , there are different steps to reach our goals, and only perseverance , hard working, social life and terms goals ensure success.In order to reach my goal I will always keep my goal in mind .

Personally, my quality world is special because I really want to be a rapper . Since my childhood, I always wanted to do something in relation with the music business. I dream about being a rapper because I enjoy music and I want to get the feeling of being on a stage ,it seems very interesting to me. My dream job is to become a real rapper. There is many rapper today like me trying to be famous in the music industry , but I want to be the special one. Indeed, most of the rapper today talk about the same thing , and give to the youth the wrong message. I personally want to be the boy who will change this aspect. Moreover, I am am aware about the difficulty to succeed ; however , I want to help reach my goal and achieve something in my life. Furthermore, I want to get the satisfaction of knowing how many people will listen my songs out and for me that is more than enough reason to realize my dream.

I would like to have a wife that I can trust, is honest, beautiful, responsible and the most important intelligent. I need someone who will always watch my back because I am a lazy guy and I need some motivations . I would like to have a big family with 5 children and want to support their needs . It will be my responsibility to encourage them to do better than me and try their hardest to succeed in life. My Dad is present for my education and I must do the same for my children , I will never give up on them .I want get my financial freedom and...
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