Cpd 150 Life Plan

Topics: Medicine, Goal, Medical school Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: April 8, 2011
My Life Role:
I would like to become a Pediatrician.

My Dream in This Role:
My dream in this role is to work with babies and young kids, keeping them happy and healthy.

My Long-Term Goals in This Role:
1. Continue Education (4 year degree, 4 year medical school, 3 year residency and 1 year internship) 2. To continue to keep children at their highest healthy. 3. Become successful meaning business wise, young ones will like coming back to me. 4. Knowing what to do if one of my family members was ill. 5. Make money!

My Short Term Goals:
1. Stay in college.
2. Get into nursing program to be an NA so in the mean time I still have a job. 3. Stay organized and on top of things.
4. Stay Focused.


Spirituality I will keep myself clear of any negative person, or doubtful person and stay focused on becoming a successful pediatrician.

Mentally I will clear my head of any unimportant things; my only focus will be school and studying to get into medical school.

Physically I will not tire myself out, or bring stress upon myself.

My family with be very supportive in what I want to do. Being the oldest on my dad’s side I will raise the bar high for the younger ones and push them to reach higher.

Financially I will fill out Financial Aid every year to help me out through school; I will also apply for grants and scholarships.

Socially I will make as much time as I can for family, friends and my boyfriend but I will spend a lot of my time on my career.

Career wise I will be working towards becoming a successful Pediatrician, I know it’s going to take long but I’m determined to become a somebody.


Step #1 Identify Your Goals

I want to become a successful Pediatrician, taking care of young ones watching them grow up and staying healthy. I also want to be able to make good...
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