Medical Career Research Paper

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Orthopedic surgery Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The medical field is a career path that brings about many options and opportunities of great value. The noble idea of being a doctor tends to cloud the diligent studying and precise training that is actually required for this career. I have wanted to become a doctor since a very young age, and now that the opportunity is here for the taking, I have fully researched what it takes to succeed in this profession and various specialties of the practice. The road to a medical degree is one filled with thousands of notes, years of schooling, and many stressful nights, but the reward is one incomparable to any other. Saving people’s lives on a day-to-day basis has been one of my dreams for as long as I can remember, so the rigorous curriculum and the competitive medical schooling is a fair trade for the lives I can save. Earning a medical degree comes along with demanding schooling, disciplined studying, and meticulous training, but in the end the degree is worth all the sacrifices.

The competitive nature of medical students seems to start from day one of the first semester of freshman year. Each biology or premedical student knows that getting into medical school is the number one priority, so each student must outwork and score better than their fellow student. This creates a hostile class environment and a sense of paranoia among students of all ages. From my research, I found that the acceptance criterion into medical schools does not solely depend on MCAT (Medical College Acceptance Test) and grade point averages anymore. Along with outstanding scores and grades, students must also be involved in many extra curricular activities and volunteer in hospitals to even be considered as an option. This “dog-eat-dog” mentality takes its toll on students and causes much unneeded stress on top of the stress caused by the tough classes required for a premedical degree.

Once accepted into medical school, the stress and long nights are far from over. It is vital...
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