Men Are from Mars

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
After watching the movie I found that women needed more emotional satisfaction while the men were looking for a more physical relationship. The married men in the movie would have a rebounding effect were they would isolate themselves and the come back to their wife. The women on the other hand stayed constant, always wanting to be with their husband.

I think that the John Grey program could work if both husband and wife are willing to cooperate. However, if only one person in the relationship uses his methods while the other continues their old ways, this will create more turmoil. Compromise is key to the John grey program as well as understanding how each other thinks.

Five negative behaviors that I observed were with Yeves wife always bothering him while he was trying to relax even after he had just cleaned the house. Another man’s wife was being extremely selfish by saying that her husband should ALWAYS want to be her and should never do anything without her. The bald man’s wife would always pester him with an endless amount of chores. One of the men admitted to not saying “I love you” enough. Another man completely ignored his wife and spent most of his time watching TV.

Five positive behaviors I found were when Yeves cleaned the house for his wife, when the bald man listened to his wife’s issues, when the blonde women in the red shirt finally understood that maybe her husband would like a break and be by himself for a moment, Yeves wife finally showed some appreciation when he helped around the house, and another man realized that if he made his wife happy he would in turn be happy.

I will most likely get married at about age 28. I would have graduated from college and had enough time to get a well-paying job and by this time hopefully I would be financially secure. I eventually want kids of my own; also my parents will probably want grand kids.
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