My New Friend Micah Fukuhara

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My New Friend Micah Fukuhara
My new friend Micah Fukuhara is Japanese. He is the third generation immigrant in the United States. He can speak Japanese and English fluently. He is the only child of his family. His parents are nice and easy going. They never put stress on his shoulders or require him to be a successful person in particular jobs. Rather, they just want him to try the best in life and live happily. Micah has a very good looking. He was of medium height with charming eyes and bushy eyebrows. With his pair of glasses, he looks extraordinarily quiet, gentle, and confident. However, his personality is completely out of my expectation. He is outgoing and talented. For example, Micah likes to go to beach on weekend, swimming and hanging with friends. He also likes sports such as basketball and volleyball. Bowling is one of his favors. Every other night, he goes to gym alone to practice bowling. Besides that, he likes music and specializes in playing guitar. Micah graduated from a Christian Academy. He currently works at the administrative building of Honolulu Community College. The job is part-time and low-paid, but he likes the job. It has a flexible schedule, which let him to pay more attention to study. Most importantly, he can learn some experience from working. Micah has loved computing excessively since he was a child; therefore, it became his major when he went to college. His expectation is to find a stable job that he loves after graduation and have a happy family life.
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