My Life in 10 Years

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Mi vida en 10 años
Hi my name is javier herrera and I was born in the United states. Im fifteen years old

Dj drama my moment
Hi my name is javier herrera and I was born in the United states. I'm fifteen years old, my birthday is on january 29. I go to high school at Hillcrest and this is my sophomore year. I just need two more years in order to graduate. After graduation I would like to party with my friends to celebrate our succesful work that we made it so far and moving on to college. I am going to got to college of St. John’s University New York to study about Criminal Justice in order to get a Degree. I am go to be an NYPD police officer but before that I have to go to triain with other police officer and learn more skills and knowledge. After I learn what all it has to be i would like to work as a NYPD police officer for about seven years then would to change to an FBI undercover cop. I will be living in New york located in jersey city with my wife. I am going to buy a house that has a big garage, more than three rooms, big plasma television with speakers, have a mac computer and a laptop, a big living room. The outside and inside of the house to be nice and perfect I am going to have at least two kids. I am going to buy at least three cars, BMW, porsche, and a ford vertrek for the family. Im planning to get money and save up to pay all the bills. I am going to take responsibility and all that has to be done. I am still going to play handball at the park with others no matter if im twenty five or no age im still going to play with my friends.
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