Where I See Myself in Ten Years

Topics: Fashion, São Paulo, The Unexpected Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Life is unexpected. As Eli Khamarov said, “the best things in life are unexpected—because there were no expectations.” As human nature, we are always looking forward, planning for the future, leaving nothing to the unexpected, instead of just living in the moment and no imagining the next steps we take. Now, this wouldn’t be much of an essay if I said I haven’t imagined my future. So, as I step out into the world, where do I see myself in ten years, as a twenty-eight-year-old? Honestly, I have no idea! Instead of thinking of where I would like to be in ten years, I thought of what I would like my life to be during the next ten years. Below I have listed twenty-eight of the infinite amounts of goals and dreams I hope to accomplish, the qualities I hope to gain or keep, or just those small, unexpected parts of life that should be appreciated more—those moments I would be lucky to enjoy over the next ten years. 1.Have to stargaze until I fall asleep on a bench in Paris, because I gambled away all my money. 2.Zipline through the Amazon.

3.Walk a runway during Paris Fashion Week.
4.Visit twenty countries.
5.Travel from the UK, to Spain, to Greece, and every country in between on only $100 dollars. 6.Never hesitate.
7.To not forget to stop and appreciate life every once and a while. 8.Eat dark chocolate from Switzerland…while I’m in Switzerland. 9.Learn how to make pizza in Italy—from scratch, sauce and all. 10.Learn Spanish or Italian (or at least enough to hold a conversation). 11.Hit the lottery and spend it all in one week, but none of it on myself. 12.Never lose my ambition.

13.Go hang gliding in the Grand Canyon.
14.Change somebody’s life dramatically and not just financially. 15.Spend a weekend, outside, in the back country of Tuscany. 16.Make lifelong friends and spend as much time with them as possible. 17.Create a piece of art that hangs in a museum, even if only for a day. 18.Write a letter, attach my phone number, seal it in a...
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