My Leadership Style

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  • Published: March 31, 2011
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Leaders set vision, strategies, goals, and values in order to guide for desired action and behavior. Leaders are characterized by certain traits which distinguish leaders from non-leaders includes Drive, desire to lead, honesty, cognitive ability, self-confidence and knowledge. Effective leaders must have two major qualities: knowledge and communication competence. Leader needs knowledge of issue and the ways of effectively leading a team. This knowledge will enable leader to identify alternatives available. He also needs to be an effective communicator as equally listener and speaker. Leaders should acquire qualities of flexible, openness, empathetic, courage, interactive, and positive attitude. ( Leadership is about inspiring, influencing and motivating people to achieve change (Class notes).A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, by example and showing that you are a good listener, focused, organized, decisive, and a confident person (

This case study is about an incident where I had to work as team leader of a group of six people. It’s about successful leadership in forming a team. It’s discussed that how you can achieve your goal by working effectively and by using your leadership skills in a team. Sometimes you get leadership skills and style by the person who inspires you. In first nature of the incident and context in which it occurred has been discussed. The processed involved has been has been analysed and it is critically analysed further in which feelings and emotions of the people have been discussed. It’s been commented shortly and conclusion has been written at last. The nature of the incident:-

In my college, I was a member of NSS (National Service Scheme). I worked as a volunteer in this organisation for one year. The NSS was formed...
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