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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Colorado Technical University
Randy Liburd
HR and Administrative Issues
Phase 5 Individual Project
Leadership methods, theories’, and requirements
Allen Fuimaono
February 11, 2013

Leadership is a valuable skill, especially in the workplace. Some people seem to be born to lead, and others have to work at it. Whichever category you fall under, you can be sure that the ability to effectively lead others will improve your work environment and help you get the best out of your employees and coworkers (Eichelberger, 2013). Below are some of the basic characteristics of a great leader: * Motivate and Inspire Others

* Understanding the work environment and points everyone to the direction he’d like the company to go with great inputs and is sociable with its peer. * Great Communicators
* Interacts well with its diverse workplace. Understanding a bit of knowledge its employers posses and contribute to his/her ideas along with mission of the organization. * Positive Thinkers

* Always turning a negative into something positive, although it doesn’t really happen accordingly but a great leader take something positive and appreciate the efforts given by its team. * Goal Setting

* Is focused on the job and sets its goal to make it happen. They will make great effort to have his/her team aware and drive to finish it with their assistance. Now, leadership in Homeland Security and Emergency Management may have some additional characteristics when working under adhere pressure. Most may consider the fact that it doesn’t matter what job you may have, all leadership skills are the same. True! But in my opinion it has its differences when dealing with terrorist attacks or any other threat that has to do with a life or death situation. A factor of giving up some lives to save many kind of ordeal; it’s these kind of decision makings that just makes a leader in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management that much of a difference....
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