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Common Errors in Learning English
Survey Question

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Instructions: Shade the circle that corresponds your answer. You may choose more than one answer. Read carefully.

1. What is/are the common errors in learning English?

* Grammar errors
* Misspelled words
* Mistakes in verb tenses
* Capitalization
* Misusage of punctuation marks

2. What is/are the causes of errors in English?

* Lack of interest in learning English
* Unaware that there are rules in constructing sentence
* Got influenced by social networking sites
* Incapable to learn English language
* Some errors may due to typographical errors

3. What is/are the effects of errors in English?

* The thought of the idea do not match with its real meaning. * Can diminish the impact of your work
* Having difficulties in constructing grammars
* Having misunderstandings
4. What are the advantages you get when you are aware of those common mistakes in English?

* Feel free to use/construct sentences in English
* Can share the knowledge that you know
* Confident to express yourself
* Gain rewards

5. What are the different ways to correct your mistakes?

* Set time to review your writing to spot common grammar mistakes * Concentrate on your difficulties and discover how to get it right * Read a lot of articles concerning on how to correct errors * Give attention in learning English

* Consult an English expert

6. How can you prevent having errors in learning English?

* Familiarize yourself in the nature of different words
* Learn more English expressions that make use of correct grammar * Listen/watch lectures that involves learning English
* Read English articles and make it a hobbit
* Consult a tutorial class

7. Why do we need to study the common errors in English?...
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