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Topics: Marketing, Business, Business plan Pages: 7 (2227 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Research Proposal

SME’s Marketing for Survival in Pakistan: Case Studies of Restaurants, Book stores and Grocery stores

Group:Nabeel Ahmed Khan
Shoaib Nawaz
Mazhar Saeed
Umair Zahid


“SME’s marketing for survival in Pakistan: case studies of restaurants, book stores and grocery stores”. Small medium enterprises have a value of backbone in economy of any country. In Pakistan SME’s have vital in contribution of total GDP. SME’s (small medium enterprises) contribute almost 93 percent of Pakistan total businesses. SME’s poor performance results in poor overall economy of the country. The reason for their poor performance is their poor marketing technique. They only market to survive in industry and earn their livelihood, even most of SME”s don’t dare to dream to go big. This study will investigate the reasons for this. We selected three industries which are totally different in every aspect so that we can generalize the finding on the whole SME’s sector. Abstract

The purpose of this study is to probe the reasons for SME’s to not adopt marketing practices seriously. Why they always do marketing just survive to in industry. Reasons for adopting informal marketing practices. And why most of time SME’s rely on reference or relationship marketing. This paper will represent findings of interviews of 30 SME’s owners aimed to demonstrate their view on their business and motives for adopting marketing as jus survival strategy. Findings of this study will help us to answer the questions that why SME’s have limited marketing capacity and limited marketing practices. They SME’s only rely 3 or 4 marketing practices. Why don’t they practice marketing in whole. In practice SME’s and large organizations marketing techniques are totally different. At the end this research study is expected to give guidelines to SME’s about the effectiveness of marketing on their business. Key words

Small medium enterprises, marketing, restaurants, bookstores, grocery stores, survival strategy, relationship marketing, Background
Small medium enterprises are playing vital rule in contribution to the GDP and providing large number of employments to the society. The real phenomenon with the SME’s is that they start as SME’s and remain as SME’s in whole life. There are very few SME’s who thinks to grow themselves and try to big. They just adopt a bit of marketing so that they can remain in industry. On that basis we can demonstrate that SME’s marketing strategies are just for survival in industry. SME’s tend to adopt informal marketing techniques. They do marketing through their friends and relatives. They are very few SME’s who have a formal marketing plan or budget for marketing activities.

Research idea
Research idea was a result of brainstorming. Then searched for literature on this topic. Below are the enlisted articles which were the main source of motivation for choosing this topic. Marketing for survival: a comparative case study of SME software firms. Entrepreneurial and SME marketing.

Entrepreneurship’s relevance to marketing.
Research question
“Do small medium enterprises adopt marketing as a survival strategy?” These types of stores are available in almost every corner of cities. But there we see a very little, almost negligent work done in researching there marketing strategies. How they use marketing tools, why continues marketing is necessary for their survival. Why do they have mindset of limited growth? What are the main restrictions for them to grow? Study objectives

SME’s sector in Pakistan is the backbone of the economy. It contributes 30 percent in GDP and creating a lot of employments opportunity to the people but there is phenomena that either SME’s don’t want to grow or they don’t have required capabilities and knowledge to grow in industry. That’s the reason most of SME’s remain as a SME’s in whole life. This study...
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