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Multimedia platforms

I have chosen to write my thesis on this subject because I consider the online space as being the most comprehensive space for journalism to take place. Online journalism is the last type of media emerged and includes all media, from print media to radio, TV and brings up a new for of interactivity with the public, which until now was not possible. The viewers have the possibility to comment on every item, they can categorize the article through notes and they also can chose what they want to read, see and hear. In the first chapter, called Multimedia, I talked about what’s called multimedia, its importance and the changes that it brigs to the journalist. I have tried to provide as clear and concise definitions as may be of multimedia and of interactivity. The structure of an interactive device involves both the editor and the interactive structure. The skills that a media editor should have involve communication techniques in all areas of journalism: text, audio, video and in the online space where they should apply these skills according to what the online environment requires. In the newmedia environment, the journalist is no longer just an editor, he must have the minimum IT knowledge as online space involves more than just writing news or other sort of articles. The journalist needs to know the programs he works with, the features of online environment, of multimedia broadcasting and all used applications for images, audio and video. The multimedia author has many tasks to accomplish unlike the newspaper editor or TV reporter, he has to combine both tasks into one. The second chapter, called Multimedia and the Web, talks about the knowledge that the journalist should posses, on the web space and on the applications he works with. Most of multimedia experiences take place on the web, and in order to create efficient multimedia materials, the multimedia programmers and developers must know not only to create and edit multimedia...
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