Coursework 2

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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Coursework 2| | New Media Module Leaders UK Team| Dubai Team| Dr. Serengul Smith| Dr. Naval Kishore|
Dr. John Dack| Malta Team|
HKMA Team| Steven Camilleri|
Benson Kwong| |
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BriefNews Bulletin/Flash for a fictitious news agency of your creation. This assignment will require the filming of a scene(s) with audio using a suitable camera(s) that will culminate in the production of a unified single News Bulletin/Flash. All elements MUST be your own work. This should be approximately 1 minute (MAX).You should also insert an appropriate copyright statement into your project that will clearly and legally designate the work as your intellectual property.Extra credit will be awarded for the scope of the video, i.e. the inclusion of a two-way news report, a comment from a bystander, the appropriate inclusion of logos/banners and jingles etc.In addition, a 2-sided A4 report will need to be produced detailing the process of how you set about creating your idea. This should conclude with a summation of what you have learnt about the multimedia tools you have used and their effectiveness in delivering your message.This coursework is aimed at learning about the tools and production techniques within multimedia. Components 1. Storyboard 2. Final News Bulletin, Max 1 minute (mov, avi, wma etc) 3. Report - Maximum 2 sides of A4 on what you have learnt and explaining your choices (equipment, software, techniques etc)| | Due Date4.00PM Friday (Week 12)SubmissionThe final files needs to be uploaded on to the page titled “Coursework 2” of your blog. Further instructions will be provided.Marking Scheme 1. Final News Bulletin 50% 2. Reflective Report 50%| Formats

Reflective Report: Times New Roman 11pt, 1.5 line spacing, Headers (Module, Title, Student ID and Name) and Footer (Page Number)
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