Multicultural Psychology

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  • Published : April 27, 2010
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Multicultural Psychology

Multicultural Psychology
Multicultural psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes through multiple cultures. The focus of this field of psychology incorporates theories on culture-specific issues and behaviors. Study models can be used as comparisons in understanding ethnic identity in viewing similarities and differences of the structure of the culture. In recent years, the original concept of one size fits all psychology has changed to include multicultural psychology that focuses on specific cultures and uniqueness within the culture. The study focuses on how a culture varies from other cultures to how they are similar.“It is apparent that the “old rules” in psychology have moved away from monoculture to a multicultural premise and that these “new rules” recognize both an appreciation of differences as well as an understanding of the inherent ambiguity and complexity in psychological practice” ( Pack-Brown & Williams, 2003). Defining Multicultural Psychology

Multicultural psychology can be defined as “the systematic study of behavior, cognition, and affect in settings where people of different backgrounds interact” (McGraw-Hill, 2009). The focus on multiculturalism started in the 1960s as minority issues became more prevalent in society, especially in the Anglo dominated countries such as North America. Multicultural was primarily defined in association to race or ethnicity. The focus has broadened to include age, gender, religion, sexual preferences, and social class. Much of the focus on multicultural issues was directed toward issues in society regarding equality; many were caused and generated by political biases, programs, and policies. Nagayama Hall (2010) stated, “Multicultural psychology is the study of the influences of multiple cultures in a single social context on human behavior” (p. 8). Brief History of Multicultural Psychology

The study on human behavior labeled as psychology, has been traced...
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