Multicultural Psychology

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Multicultural Psychology
Anthony Stamatouras
University of Phoenix

May 3, 2010

Multicultural Psychology
Multicultural psychology is something that is relevant in this day and age. Today, with a vast number of people of different minority attachments living together, the idea of multicultural psychology is a good thing. Multicultural psychology is a discipline that is closely related to cross-cultural psychology and in fact is difficult to make that distinction ( Weiner, Freedheim, Schinka, &Gallagher, 2003). Multicultural psychology focuses on individuals with ethnic or minority backgrounds and is important in the field of psychology today.

What is multicultural psychology exactly? The psychology department of Wheaton College defines it as follows: "Multicultural psychology is the systematic study of all aspects of human behavior as it occurs in settings where people of different cultural backgrounds encounter each other" ("Multicultural Psychology," 2008). In the United States, there is attention to different racial groups, inter-marriage, minority adoptions and so forth. In Canada, there is attention to French and English differences as well as to the Natives who live there (Adair, Paivio & Ritchie, 1996). In most European nations there is turmoil among local populations and immigrants who have been established there. These are just examples as multicultural psychology embraces a host of issues.

It seems rather simple, but the history of multicultural psychology is vague. It exists, but there is not one theorist or theory that embraces or defines multicultural psychology completely. The history of multicultural psychology is attached to an interest in multicultural issues within the counseling and psychology fields (Reynolds & Constantine, 2004). In other words, multicultural psychology naturally emerged. The civil rights movement would see the beginnings of change and as society was more cognizant of different racial groups, the profession...
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