Mui Wo Redevelopment Essay

Topics: Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Organic farming Pages: 8 (2576 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Mui Wo Fieldwork Investigation
Mui Wo is a rural town located on southern Lantau. Lantau is Hong Kong’s largest island located at the mouth of Pearl River. Lantau has majorly developed sustainably over the past few years, Over 50% of Lantau consists of national parks, including a large number of well-marked trails, Tian Tan Buddha Statue and of course, The Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau’s main attraction attracting thousands of tourists every year since it is very close to the airport and includes its own accommodation. However over the past few, Mui Wo hasn’t been very successful in attracting tourists compared to other towns in Lantau. Since, I work for “Living Island Movement”, a Hong Kong community-based organisation who’s aims is to promote sustainable development on Hong Kong’s outlying islands. We also aim to encourage enrichment and animation in these islands to attract tourists for the benefit for the entire population of Hong Kong. I have been asked to create a report consisting of 2 sustainable ideas that will develop the area of Mui Wo and make the town eco-friendly. I will work and interview local’s, asking about their ideas to keep residents happy with new sustainable developments. In addition, I will ensure for the protection for the well being of the island, using sustainable strategies and renewable sources of energy. However, the Hong Kong Government already has proposed a bill because Mui Wo is experiencing a numbers of difficulties because South Lantau is the 3rd poorest district in Hong Kong. This the proposal passed by the Hong Kong Government which, contains a number of proposals which aims to improve the economic difficulties: (1) Provision of amenity areas and facilities in villages and attractions; (2) Improvement to visitor information and signage;

(3) Improvement to Civic Square;
(4) Improvement to north waterfront promenade;
(5) Realignment of Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road and modification of car park; (6) New cooked food market and covered cycle parking area;
(7) Improvement to south waterfront promenade;
(8) Enhancement of Entrance Plaza;
(9) provision/improvement of cycle track network in Mui Wo; and (10) Provision of a heritage trail.

The Government plan to use this development scheme modernize Mui Wo, turning the island into a major tourist attraction and targeting that this development will increase the economy, lowering numbers of unemployed and most importantly promote hoping that there plan will result in a huge economic boom for Lantau island, providing employment and filling the job vacancies with locals, and in general promote Mui Wo as a key tourist destination Hong Kong. This is a perfect plan to modernize and attract Mui Wo however, locals are against these ideas. Sadly these ideas have been treated by disrespect by local residents living in Mui Wo. They say that if the redevelopment plan is approved Mui Wo’s

However, these set of government proposals have been treated with scorn by local residents. Mui wo residents argue that if this redevelopment plan was to be fully implemented by the government this surely would destroy Mui Wo’s individual rural lifestyle would be ruined by touristic sites, from agriculture to tourism. In addition, locals state these are one of the only rural villages which makes Mui Wo unique and distinctive to the rest of Hong Kong. After several interviews, research and surveys it can be proved that Mui Wo villagers are content with its town, social state and don’t want to make major changes, however villagers agree that something should be done to improve Mui Wo’s economic state because they are concerned and fear the current recession. In this investigation task I will try to design two sustainable development ideas that wil finanacially help benefit Mui Wo and also find a balance being able to develop Mui Wo while not aggravating locals by trying to destroy Mui Wo’s rural identity. Due to this, I will analyze 2...
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