Ecotourism in Hong Kong

Topics: Marine biology, Tourism, Oceanography Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The image of Hong Kong is well known as “shopper’s paradise” and “Pearl of the Orient”. Further, according to the International Market Research Study, it shows that the lack of new appeals in Hong Kong is a significant reason for it not being considered as a vacation destination. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the appeals of Hong Kong. Why not use our existing natural resources as tourist attractions? To maintain the competitiveness, Hong Kong should build up its own unique and special character. Natural wonders of the territory provide a chance to show the uniqueness and international significance of Hong Kong ecology. Green tourism, outdoors, hiking and nature are some of the new and promising products most needed by consumers. Building ecotourism could attract special interest tourists. It was found that nature-based activities or scenery is one of the top attractions which the visitors to Hong Kong are interested in. These natural attractions include trips to outlying islands, nature reserves (Mai Po), beaches, mountain hiking, urban nature trails and dolphin-watching. Hong Kong’s remote, unpolluted outlying islands are an attraction for tourists. Many tourists are surprised that Hong Kong has dolphins in one of the world busiest harbors. In addition, a survey completed by the HKTA found that about 15% of tourists are interested in taking part in outdoor and hiking activities in Hong Kong. Since many overseas tourists are interested in seeing wildlife and beauty natural scenic, there is a potential market for ecotourism. About 70% of Hong Kong is rural area. Nature is right on the city’s doorstep. They are mostly accessible by buses and minibuses. Hiking, swimming, scubas-diving and sailing are all possible just a short journey from urban area. A total of 24 country parks have been designated for the purposes of nature conservation, countryside recreation and outdoor education. There are 22 special areas created mainly for the purpose of nature...
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