The Future of Ecotourism

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  • Published : August 7, 2010
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The Future of Ecotourism
Darsie Mason
Axia College

I chose Hawaii for the area that needs improvements on the culture of the vacation. Hawaii is one of the last states to be added to the United States. Hawaii is entirely made up of islands. Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean. The islands were formed form the volcanoes located in the ocean. The capital is Honolulu and it is located on the island of O’ahu. The population is just a little bit over one million people. (Wikipedia, 2009)

I chose Hawaii because it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Hawaii brings huge amounts of people to islands because of its amazing beaches, wildlife, and beautiful forests. All of the people that come to Hawaii are seeing the amazing sites but the endangered plants and wildlife are suffering because of it. In the past 40 years tourism to the area as jumped dramatically which is good for the people on the islands because with it brings jobs and money. The amount of people on the islands on a daily basis has also jumped which has caused issues for the land with all the resources that must be used to support all those people. People of the islands are seeing how this is affecting their homeland and are trying to find ways to find the land but still bring tourism in to the islands. Many places are trying to offer more eco-friendly vacations but still worth the money to go to Hawaii, this is being referred to as ecotourism. (Wikipedia, 2009)

The thing in Hawaii that needs improving because of the jump in tourism is the native fauna, which is becoming extinct in the forest of Maui. The tourist are coming to Maui to view the lush forest but are walking all over the native faunas and destroying them without knowing what they have done. If the area...
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