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Assignment 1

Ethics in the design of e-commerce application

Jianfei Ma



E-commerce can be defined as use computers with internet to aid the trade of goods and services. The emergence of e-commerce is seen as a new wave of IT. E-commerce provide a trading platform without the distance between products and consumers. Online trading activities continually increase in these years and will dramatically grow in the future (Nardal and Sahin, 2011). Bette and Jackie (2001) notes people will change their common consumer behaviour to the Web. The gap between e-commerce and commerce is going to disappear swiftly. As a result of this huge market, a lot of companies ceaselessly found the way to succeed in this competition (Stead and Gilbert,2001).

On the other hand Internet created a new environment for unethical behaviour. Many ethical issues came out, such as spamming and cybersquatters. Cause by people lack of fear of punishment in e-commerce, inappropriate behaviour engaged (Nardal and Sahin, 2011). Generally unethical issue in e-commerce is using Internet to cheat consumers, trading illegal goods and etc. If the unethical problems are disregarded or not resolved, it is possible to make deformity of development of e-commerce (Stead and Gilbert, 2001).

This paper gives a review by comparing two different articles, these two articles both are related ethical issues in the design of e-commerce applications. The first article written by Stead and Gilbert(2001) is Ethical Issues in Electronic Commerce and the second article written by Nardal and Sahin (2011) is Ethical Issues in E-commerceon the Basis of Online Retailing.

Research questions

Their two articles relate to the ethical issues in e-commerce, but they have different focal points. Nardal and Sahin (2011) focused on ethical issues in e-commerce on online retailing in Turkey on online retailing. The article written by Stead and Gilbert (2001) is to recognize some examples of ethical issues that have came out as a result .

The article written by Nardal and Sahin (2011) is limited in ethical issues in Turkey, a small range of research question is favourable for them to do the research in the round. Nardal and Sahin (2011) focused on the influence of ethical issues to online retailing as well.

Stead and Gilbert (2001) focused on the different point, they payed more attention to privacy. They used many real examples to get reactions from the public and market of ethical issues to prove ethical issues will get swiftly resolved.

Contrast two articles, it is easy to find they both have the points they focused on, rather than studied ethical issues widely. Due to this reason, they can do their research more meticulously and audiences can analysis the research questions easily. Cause by the small range of their research limited their works, there is no board representation of their research.

Key concepts

Based on their research questions, they chose their own key concepts. Nardal and Sahin (2011) focused on the influence of ethical issues to online retailing in Turkey. This whole article was written around ethical issues affected online retailing in Turkey did not spread out the topic. Different from Naedal and Sahin (2011), Stead and Gilbert (2001) payed attention on the appearance of ethical issues with emerging electronic commerce from the public and market.

Nardal and Sahin (2011) wanted to get some useful information from the research on ethical issues on online retailing in Turkey. They correctly selected concepts and focused on the influence. But in Stead and Gilbert’s (2001) article, they placed extra emphasis on the appearance of privacy problems, described other ethical issues briefly. Thereby they wanted to use this concept to get a reaction from the public and market to prove...
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