Bug, Inc. Paper

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Running Head: BUG, INC. PAPER

BUG Inc. Paper
Michael, Cherlunda, and Jason
The Unersity of Phnix
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BUG Inc. Paper
BUG Inc. is an American company that manufactures, designs, and sells electronic recording equipment (University of Phoenix, 2009). BUG Inc.'s products tap into telephone wires and cell phone transmissions are records sounds through remote microphones (University of Phoenix, 2009). The clients of BUG Inc. are made up mostly of law enforcement agencies in the United States (University of Phoenix, 2009).

BUG Inc. must protect its intellectual property with legal protection. There are three main forms of intellectual property legal protection (Business Link, 2009). The first form of protection is that patent. A patent will protect BUG, Inc.'s inventions for a set period of time (Business Link, 2009). The patent must be registered at the Intellectual Property Office and there must be no invention like it registered in the past (Business Link, 2009). The second form a protection is trademarks. According to Business Link (2009), "a�trade mark is the distinctive way in which your business' goods or services are represented - in the form of slogans, symbols, words, logos, brand names or shapes" (�5). The last form of protection is a copyright. A copyright is the automatic protection the law affords original literary, artistic�or dramatic work and sound recordings�that�are the result of intellectual effort or creative skill (Business Link, 2009).

Based on the analyst of the case between WIRETAP Inc, and its employee Steve and Bug a software company can face civil liability. WIRETAP sent one of their employees Steve to Bug which is a software company to get the software coding for a new product line. The company Bug had no idea that Steve was in employee of its competitors and hired Steve. He was employed in to work in the research and development department in the United States. Steve forwarded...
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