Week Three Bus415 Discussion Questions

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Discussion Question
Kathy Hardy,
JUNE 16, 2011
Yolanda Williams

Discussion Questions

Week three Discussion Questions

Question one
* Hazel is 84, and suffers from debilitating arthritis. Sometimes, she can barely walk. Every time Hazel has been unable to get around, her neighbor Ruth cooks and cleans for her until she feels better. Hazel has offered to pay Ruth, but Ruth always declines. One day when Hazel is feeling well, she and Ruth eat out in a restaurant, and Hazel tells Ruth she is going to leave her $50,000 in her will. Six months later, Hazel dies without leaving a will. Can Ruth successfully sue Hazel’s estate for $50,000? State the legal reasons for your answer. *

* Can Ruth successfully sue Hazel’s estate for $ 50,000? *
* No, Ruth cannot successfully sue Hazel’s estate, because Individuals sue other folks for just about anything, and sometimes these individuals win. But in Hazel’s case, if Hazel dies without a will, the state in which Hazel lives in will dictate who gets Hazel’s money. It probably doesn't matter what Hazel told Ruth, Hazel's husband, children or siblings will get her money. If Hazel talked about Ruth to her children, they may see fit to give her some money, but it won't be legally necessary, and Ruth surely will not get $50,000. * Reasons for my answer

* Because under the Statute of Frauds any gratuitous promise must be in writing to be enforceable and an oral promise to create a will is not enforceable. * Question two
* What is the purpose of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? What types of transactions are covered by the UCC? What problems was the UCC designed to address? How would interstate transactions be different without the UCC? Provide an example. * What is the purpose of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? * The purpose of the Uniform Commercial Code is to provide a consistent set of laws between the states so as to encourage commerce...
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