Role and Functions of Law Paper

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Role and Functions of Law Paper
Jaclyn Wheatley
June 25, 2012
Kathryn Harris

This paper addresses the functions and role of law in business and society. This paper covers different types of laws including statutes, common laws, treaties, ordinances, and executive orders. As the paper continues it will discuss who creates and enforces these laws. This paper also discusses the classification of those laws into criminal and civil law, substantive and procedural law, and public and private laws. As these subjects are discussed the paper will discuss what individuals or entities are responsible for using these different types of laws. The paper also discusses the different types of courts where these laws are enforced which include different types of federal and state courts. The main federal courts discussed are the Court of International Trade and the federal court of appeals. Some of the types of state courts discussed are traffic courts, small claims courts, trial courts, and appellate courts. In addition, this paper also talks about how law played a part in a previous job position as a telemarketer.

Role and Functions of Law Paper
Laws are an essential part of any successful society. This includes the businesses within these societies. Social behavior is directed by the laws within a society. These laws help the society run more effectively and efficiently. Ethical standards and expectations are also supplied through different laws. These rules and laws of conduct also include measures to assist with enforcement and how to settle any conflict that may arise. There are many other functions of law that include, but are not limited to, peacekeeping, promoting social justice, promoting personal freedom, and promoting economic growth through free competition (Malor, Barnes, Bowers, and Langvardt, 2009). If society did not have the appropriate laws to lead the actions of its businesses and people, the society would crumble and fall victim to its people. Basic Functions of Law

Many of the functions of law appear to be quite simple. In actuality, they are quite complex. Not only are the laws themselves complex, but the entire legal system of the United States is also complex. There are many types of laws and each law gets a different type of outcome. Some of these laws include common laws, ordinances, constitutions, statutes, treaties, executive orders, and administrative regulations and decisions. Common Laws and Statutes

The legislative branch of the government is responsible for enacting statutes. The legislative branch elects representatives that are responsible for the enactment. Statutes and administrative regulations are very similar. Administrative regulations, however, are enacted by a different entity. They are enacted by administrative agencies unlike the elected representatives that enact the statutes. Prior court decisions, however, are the basis for common law. When cases are determined not to be governed by another type of law, these laws are applied. Executive Orders, Ordinances, and Treaties

When at least two political powers agree to a contract it becomes known as a treaty. These political powers are usually states or countries. Countries and cities create ordinances which are as important as laws. The President of the United States, along with state governors, is able to enact executive orders. Legislative delegation gives a person the power to create and enact executive orders. Classification of Laws

In extension to the different types of laws, there are also three different categories in which these types of laws fall into. These categories include criminal and civil law, substantive and procedural law, and public and private law. It is important to understand that these categories are not exclusive. Many types of law fall into multiple categories. Criminal Law

This type of law deals with how to punish individuals for crimes they may have...
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