Mportance of Effective Communication for Organizational Performance Internally and Globally

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Communication plays a vital role in management for business success.
Effective communication in the workplace provides employees not only clear

understanding of their job but also knowledge of what they should do and what to expect.

The problem that lies today is that the organizations are often not accepting the responsibility to communicate with their employees.. However, it is a serious problem it is also considered that the main barriers to accept this responsibility are the middle managers. The managers are unable to communicate to the employees to know all information to perform better. The problem also lies in the uninterrupted flow of communication in a hierarchical manner . Thus this paper focuses on how organizations can communicate effectively without any hindrances with their employees and increase effective performance of the staff, customer loyalty and profit. This paper overviews dangers of ineffective communication, summarizes leading effective approaches of communication, and offers specific types of business models of communicating effectively for business concerns.. The paper will draw conclusions on the Importance of Effective Communication for Organizational Performance And Effectiveness.

Importance of Effective Communication For Organizational Performance

Communication plays a crucial role in the functioning of organizations. It becomes

the lifeblood of an organization .Communication can be improved in every organization because communication is the only systematic way through which an information passes through the system for all to know the degree of its importance. According to Zia Ahmed, Frank Shields, Rayondraous White, Jessica Wilbert (2010) “research shows that organizational performance markedly improves when communication is permitted to flow uninterrupted and employees are empowered, provided incentives and given the necessary resources to perform at an optimal level” (p107). Successful business leaders agree that communicating with employees is vital to business success. If the employees understand their goals and their work in achieving them, they will be further motivated in working towards their role and will work more efficiently. Above all is good, but today the scenario is different where the middle managers are considered as the main barriers to the effective flow of communication across the organization. A more difficult question is what specific types of communication models and methods are in helping corporations achieve their broader strategic goals of improved profitability and competitiveness. The existence of an organization’s effectiveness completely depends on proper flow of information in a system and feedback of the same. Identifying and selecting the most appropriate methods does carry risks, since business communication tend to be less formalized, more interpersonal, and therefore significantly more important compared to other more traditional approaches to management.

Thesis Statement

This paper reviews specific communication methods and reviews research efforts that have demonstrated benefits of business communication models. The purpose of this exercise is to identify the results of effective communication that could reasonably be expected to benefit organization’s performance and effectiveness and be repeatable within various companies...
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