Movies Are Becoming Popular

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Nowadays, to go along with the economic development are recreational activities, especially the movies. Many people may ask, why are movies becoming more and more popular all over the world? As a movie lover I hold the idea that an increasing number of people choose to watch movies to entertain themselves, release stress from work, and make friends. First of all, there are many different types of movies to attract people with different interests. For example, if someone likes scary movies, what he may do is to call some of his friends, tell them that there is a scary movie playing at the theater, and ask if they would like to go with him. Movie theaters are often set in a mall where there is a shopping center, an eating area and a singing place. Besides watching the movie, the friends can do other things to make a whole day of fun. This is a good way to assemble friends together and have a good time . Also, workers can release stress they get from daily work. Some jobs need people to concentrate on data all the time. such as jobs related to mathematics or economics. Of course, they need to find a way to release stress instead of keeping all the stress inside without anyone noticing. Most people choose movies, either by going to the movie theater, or by renting a video and watching it with family members. Usually, they’d select comedies, since comedies can make people laugh and are a good way of releasing pressure., In addition, people can make friends from movies. That doesn’t mean they can make friends by watching movies, rather that they can make friends by talking about movies. These days, a lot of people communicate with others through Internet: Facebook, blogs, et cetera.When someone finds others talking about a movie he has watched, he might make a comment on the movie. In this way, groups of friends with the same interests in movies can gather together. For instance, I love action movies. Once I watched a really good action movie in the theater. I soon...
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