Brokeback Mountain Essay

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Movies can be divided in to so many categories nowadays and there are different reasons why there is an emergence of these. One reason being that movies evolve with society and this is evident in the way movies are presented from black and white to colored and now 3D movies. But we must also look at how the different plots have evolved from the usual light home movies to mafia influenced movies and now more socially relevant movies. As society evolves, so does our opinions and views on different ideologies or concepts about life and our surroundings. In the case of bisexuality, our cultures dictate whether or not we will accept it freely or with a little opposition. This is most evident in the movie Brokeback Mountain which stirred the movie industry because of its new take on how love can be depicted. But the relationship that the two main characters couldn’t just be limited to the relationship per se because I believe there is more to their union. The movie revolves around two main characters who work at a ranch. Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist worked as sheep herders and camp tenders at a ranch. Ennis was engaged to a woman named Alma while Jack wasn’t engaged to anyone because he was focusing more on his career as a rodeo star. As time flies they spend more time together and end up having sex. They both eventually got married but still saw each other from time to time. Jack died in an accident and when Ennis found out, he went to Jack’s house and met his parents who showed him Jack’s room. He took some of the things he found in Jack’s room and kept it in his trailer and he found himself dreaming about Jack at night. Given the short summary of the movie, we can see that the movie isn’t a “gay” movie altogether. We are shown a different side of what a lot of people claim the movie to be. We see that the two main characters were married and enjoyed each other’s company despite their marital affairs with their wives thus they are considered bisexuals. With this in...
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