Movie Theater Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : April 14, 2010
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Period 1&2
Persuasive Essay

Have you ever been to Harkins Arcadia 8 lately? Well they are closing their doors. All of the kids around town including myself are disappointed and want to keep the theater open.
Kids love going to the theater after school and on the weekends. Not all kids can see new movies because it is out of their way/area. It is the cheapest theater we know. Kids always go to the theater after school and on the weekends. Imagine it is after school, you have no homework, what are you supposed to do sit around and be bored? Kids love watching movies, especially new ones. Not every kid has a DVD player to watch DVDs. If they were to close the theater kids couldn’t see movies unless they go out of their way. Some parents don’t have a car to drive their kids to a different theater and Harkins Arcadia 8 is in walking distance for a lot of people, if the only other theater is out of their way how do they get there? I know a lot of parents who don’t want to take their kids to a movie theater far from their homes. Plus, not all parents want to go to the movie theater. Most kids I know can go to that theater buy a ticket and snacks on their allowance! Parents don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive theaters either. Since it is cheaper kids can see movies more often. I know that some people think “The movies are just like T.V. why cant kids just stay home and watch T.V. for free?” Well everybody likes to get out of the house kids don’t like to be cramped up in the house all the time watching T.V.

Again, all of the kids in town really want to keep the theater open. Kids can go their after school and on the weekends. They can’t see movies if the theater is to far out of their way/area. It’s the cheapest theater we know.