Motion Pictures Between Old Time and Modern

Topics: Film, Silent film, Sound film Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Motion Pictures between Old Time and Modern

Ahmed M. Alsadiq

History of Motion Pictures


Thesis: This paper seeks to trace the inception of movies and highlight its development in history I. History of Motion Pictures
II. Issues Related to Movies
III. Motion Pictures between Old Time and Modern

Motion Pictures between Old Time and Modern
Ever since the invention of motion pictures, movie industry has been organized as a business. As such, history of motion pictures represents an economic institution structured to maximize profits (Austin 3). Notably, the impression created by viewers when watching motion pictures is such that movies are acted in a single day or several days. In reality, shooting of movies can take up to one year or more. The movie industry has come a long way. Before it was possible to let pictures move, people had been trying to come up with movement illusions. This was possible with the use of slide shows, which were made up of lanterns. These lanterns used to function as early slide projectors. In the 19th century, magic lantern shows entertained huge gatherings that comprised of the elites, business individuals, and the entrepreneurs. During this time, the shows were considered as marvels. It should be noted that the first ever cinema in the USA was in 1905. This cinema had a seating capacity of 96 people. Since then, the movie industry has evolved and improved with the invention of new technologies. Ever since their inventions, movies have always been used for educational, learning, and political purposes. This paper seeks to trace the inception of movies and highlight its development in history. History of Motion Pictures

As earlier stated, modern technologies in movie industry are attributed to the past inventions, which began with the invention of moving pictures. The history of motion pictures is divided into two distinct...
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