Wk2 Hum150 Editing, Sound and Music Worksheet

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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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Editing, Sound and Music Worksheet
Cynthia Casillas
August 09, 2012
Angela Cranon-Charles

Editing, Sound and Music Worksheet
The following worksheet will be completed with questions pertaining to the movie “Fantasia”, which I’ve selected in week one.

1.How does the cinematography positively or negatively affect your opinion of this film? The cinematography positively affects my opinion of this film. There are many different scenes that show an unbelievable and surreal picture. For example, In the first ten minutes when all the musicians are gathering to play, The conductor explains what Fantasia is about and how music is the biggest influence here. This scene then goes off to when the conductor starts to conduct; this is where the cinematography gave me another positive affect, when the different lighting gives you an insight as to the feel and emotion of the music. This film was constructed out of music, cinematography and color.

2.How does the mise-en-scéne affect your perception of the film? The mise-en-scène greatly affected my perception of this movie in a positive way. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. This film seems to have the perfect compilation of imagination, color and classical music. The scenes are set up to match the emotion and vibe of the music, perfectly coordinated to each note, which further pulls the audience into the movie and its many changing themes.

3.How does the use of sound affect your perception of the film? When I first watched “Fantasia” the affects did alter my perception of the film. Some of the sound affects seem noticeable because they were appropriate, fluid, and consistent throughout the film. The perception of this film is mainly based on Disney’s imagination; music and the emotional reaction it gives to the audience to correctly engage them into the movie.

4.How does the use of music affect your perception of the film?
The music in “Fantasia” greatly influenced my perception...
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