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Topics: Human resources, Management, Information systems Pages: 21 (5304 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Report on
Upgrading Filing System& indexing & developing HRIS in
Mostafa Group of Industries


Submitted To
Mr. Tarique Hossain,
General Manager,
HR & Admin,
Mostafa Group of Industries.

Submitted by-
M. Umair Karim,
International Islamic university Chittagong (IIUC)

Date of Submission
10th February 2012


Executive Summary

Mostafa Group has been engaged in business since 1952 and developed the business activities in commercial Trading, import, export, manufacturing of steel products, Iron, MS Rod, Ship Breaking (Scraping of ocean going vessel), Artificial Leather, Rexine, Shrimp cultivation, processing & Export, Textile & Ready made Garments, Papers, Refining of Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, Refine Iodized Salt, Tea Plantation & Export, Transport Sector, IT sector and also engaged in the financial sector such as Bank & Insurance , Health & Education sector . Mostafa Group of Industries has been set up a Group of highly experienced, well-educated and financially sounds Bangladeshi promoters who have excellent track record in Industrial and trading business operation. They have gained commendable practical experiences in various type of manufacturing and trading business. At present Mostafa Group is one of the largest and leading private enterprise initiatives in Bangladesh. Mostafa Group has a filing system that is quite conventional & does not provide a proper systematic approach. It maintains mostly hardcopies for filing and for inter departmental communication. The current filing system has several limitations & the officials have to take a lot of pain for finding the files and in accessing it. From this it was inferred that developing a new system that is based on software can be a good remedy that will ensure a symmetric arrangement of files in a central server that makes it accessible maintaining sufficient privacy. The new system can be designed by outsourcing it to an external firm.

The task from designing to implementation to monitoring will reside with IT department head & he will be helped by one executive from each department who will be responsible for filing their own department.

With the development of central filing system & indexing the privacy of HR documents will be lost and for ensuring its privacy and updating the HR practice HRIS software can be designed that will make the tasks of HRD easier without increasing the number of workforce of HRD. So the decision might be proved economic.

The two systems can’t be put into practice altogether. Rather it is to be implemented by decomposing the entire task into different segments that will make it easier for the administrators to look whether there is any gap between planning & its implementation. It will help to establish a system that can be carried out for a longer period of time that will make the practices of the entire group organized, systematic & balanced.

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